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Punk-O-Matic Punk-O-Matic

Select drum beats bass and electric guitar beats and make your own punk music.

Interactive Boogy Interactive Boogy

Select a song and break out the funky weird moves to each of the beats.

Squeeby Killer Squeeby Killer

Select a brutal and gruesome way in which the character is killed, shot, punched and beaten.

Love Be Your Energy Love Be Your Energy

Run through the levels collecting power ups.

Cable Capers 2 Cable Capers 2

Run around, jump over dangers and throw cables at the lizards to kill them.

Kuririn Runner Kuririn Runner

Run around the levels jump on platforms avoid dangers and enemies.

Watch Out Watch Out

Run around as digi ninja avoid the falling boulders and flee to safety before you get crushed.

501 Darts 501 Darts

Reach exactly zero in as few throws as possible.

Wheelers Wheelers

Race your motorcycle around the track.

Animotion Animotion

Put down various goodies and sprites and make your own animation.

Dancing Bush Dancing Bush

President Bush struts his stuff on the dance floor as he gets down and boogies.

Pirates Revenge Pirates Revenge

Play slots with a pirate based theme and win the loot!

Alchemy Alchemy

Place the magical runes on the board and turn them into gold to advance to the next level.

Flash Game Workshop Flash Game Workshop

Place down enemies power ups ammo guns and create your own side scrolling shooter game.

Megaman PX: Time Trial Megaman PX: Time Trial

Pick your character - either Megaman Zero or Bass. Run through levels, shoot, use swords, and kill mavericks.

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